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Last Updated: 4-feb-20

Guide to finding the Right Belt Conveyor with C-Trak

Determining how to choose the correct belting for applications can be daunting as well as confusing. C-Trak are here to help guide you through all options of choosing which belt conveyor is right for YOU.

What Types of Conveying Belting Material available

Most commonly used are flat belts manufactured in...


But we offer many many more conveyor belts including buffalo, grippy belts, high and low temperature solutions. If you require a certain type we will source it for you design and fabricate to your specifications.

Our Guide to find all you need to know about Belt Conveyors....Click to read More

All our systems are bespoke with your products in mind.

Fabricated in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium. Designed & Built in-house at our Bedfordshire plant.


What types of Conveyors are there?

What Options do we offer on our Belt Conveyor Systems?

Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors white belt conveyors with side guides Slat Conveyor Belt

        Plastic Modular Belt              FAQ Straight Belt                   Slat Band Belting     

sausage conveyors for food factory Incline Belt Conveyors belt conveyors showing close transfer

       Food Grade Handling            Inclined Elevators           Transfers Systems    

Flights on Belts Turnkey Systems Belt Bends

       Flighted Belt Conveyors          Turnkey Systems           Belt Conveyor Bends        

Above is a small selection of video clips showing some photos of types of straight belting we offered our customers; all purpose built to suit our customer products and environment. Pick up your phone for a personal non biased chat about what options will improve your material handling process best

How to choose the best type of Belt Conveyor for you

Choosing your correct type of belt is one of the most important factors when purchasing a belt conveyor and is often overlooked. Conveyors are only as good as the belt that is used for each application.

Things to consider when choosing your belt conveyor

  1. What environment and temperatures will it be in ie. does it get wet or open to harsh atmosphere.
  2. Does it go through any heat or freezing process.
  3. Is it to be food /pharmaceutical quality or more industrial application.
  4. Are you cutting on belt if so it requires antibacterial resistant.
  5. How are products transferred - loading and unloading area
  6. Do you need too elevate your products on an incline as flights maybe required.
  7. What speed do you need to run
  8. what is the size and weight of your products
  9. Do you need to turn or divert your products
  10. Will it run at a fixed/variable speed or high/low speeds
  11. Do you need aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel fabrication.

These are just a few of the questions the conveyor manufacture should ask before quoting.

Benefits for all our customers

  • Underpinned with a full guarantee on parts and labour
  • Fantastic speedy after sales service
  • Bespoke designs with durability and reliability
  • delivered on time at affordable prices
  • PU~PVC & Rubber Conveyor Belts

Give us the opportunity to prove our worth and let us provide you with a quotation for your next belt conveyor project.

Providing close product transfers with conveyor belts

Close transfer is achievable with tensioning of conveyor belt in the middle section, which prevents belting growth. and enables close transfer.

Standard range of Belt Conveyor Options

Fabricated in stainless steel

  • 100mm up to 1000mm wide in 50mm increments.
  • Lengths from 600mm up to 40 meters
  • Supplied using one motor.

Nose over ends

S/S construction - The dia of the end drum is matched by a rolled steel section sitting underneath the belting at 25mm both ends of the drum. Therefore no nip points are created when transferring products to and from the conveyor.

Quick release tensioner for belt conveyor removal with Cantilevered Action

Used to release tension from the belts for quick removal or when cleaning underside of the belts is required. No adjustment is needed before or after use. The cantilever style release belt enables the complete belt to be removed.


Another type of system is a trough conveyor this can be used for a more robust industrial conveyor. However if you look at the case study you will find some are used for the food industry.

C-Trak can supply flights on our flat and modular belts please go to our dedicated page conveyors with flights >>

We can also offer our Belt Conveyors in Mild Steel please visit our sister site for Mild Steel Conveyor Belts >>

Green belt Conveyors for robotic system

Company Values

Our mission is to provide affordable belt conveyors to our customers to enable them to build and improve their material handling processes.

Our approach if different from other manufacturers we look at the bigger picture and will always give you our honest options.

Our aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients offering an approachable, honest ethos   getting the results your business deserves. We are dedicated in achieving a successful plan and look at all aspects of your business doing our research to enable us to understand the industry.

We’re dedicated to encouraging our values into every aspect of our service. We aim to exceed all your expectations and never under-deliver our promise to you is to serve you until you’re satisfied.

Our service is designed to integrate effortlessly into your current processes.

C-Trak is committed to provide a service to develop your business working hard to make sure we improve your system.

Our Philosophy – Since the start of C-Trak in 1979 almost 4 decade ago our mission has always been to help our clients make the changes to enhance their business when you choose to work with us you get the benefit of the whole team from the initial sales call to the integration of your new production line dedicated and committed to achieving your goals.

C-Trak offers a quality service for all types of business and budgets no company is too small or large our services will help generate your perfect solution.

We focus our attention on you and your business taking the time to understand how your production line works and how we can work together to improve this looking at your industry, we listen to your needs, and we align our strategies and recommendations with the goals of your business.  

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