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Curved Conveyors

Curved Conveyors 'S' Shape

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90 degree conveyor

An alternative to a belt bend is a 90 degree transfer for more information on this type of conveyor please read more here >>

S-Bends can be achieved with large radius or tight turns dependant on your requirements.

Flexible Bend Conveyor's

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Last Updated: October 24, 2019

Curved Conveyor Belts 30° 90° 180 Degree

C-Trak range of prestigious conveyors that will go around curved corners and bends integrated into your existing machinery.

New to market it's what the conveying industry has been waiting for True Axis Modular Belt Bend. Longer lasting and lower Maintenance than a traditional belt bend and what's more its cheaper! Radius as low as 17 degrees can be achieved up to 180°

Best Product by Far on the Market...New Range of Modular Bends

Advantages of Radiused Modular Belt to PU Bends

  1. Longer lasting with easy replaceable links to the belt
  2. Extremely low maintenance as no tracking issues
  3. Cheaper to Purchase
  4. Less expensive spares list
  5. Offered with a 24 month warranty
  6. Moves heavy loads with ease
  7. Supplied as Positive drive (by sprockets)

This corner curved modular style belting has been designed to eliminate the problems associated with the use of traditional flat corner belts. It can be used from 30 degrees to 180 degrees. Designed to join straight conveyors for complete versatility.

FDA approved for food quality applications.

C-Trak are now offering one of the latest true axis modular belt bends from 30 degrees to 180°.

Bend into Straight Modular Conveyor Belt Bend

Video clip showing the more traditional modular belt option

Extra Wide Modular Belt Bend Conveyor

This was a specially made wide conveyor bend for a company transporting pizza. C-Trak are one of the only companies to offer such a wide syle bend.

Standard Plastic Modular Belt Bend Radius, Loops & Curves

More Benefits of a modular Bend over a traditional pu bend

  • Anyone that has maintained a traditional pu belt bend, will know that it is a very time consuming task. With the true axis modbelt bend, it is a very simple and quick task.
  • A traditional pu bend will suffer from tracking problems. The true axis modbelt bend does not suffer from this problem.
  • A traditional pu bend will stretch and therefore need tensioning. A true axis modular belt bend does not suffer from this problem.
  • If the traditional bend has damage to the belt, then it must be replaced. This can take hours, due to the complex design. A true axis belt bend is made up of a series of links, so if a link is damaged, then simply withdraw the pin and replace the link, this would take no longer than 3 minutes.
  • A traditional pu belt bend has many components. A true axis modular belt bend, has fewer components and therefore fewer things to go wrong.
  • A traditional belt bend, will suffer from lack of drive when transporting heavier loads, this is due to the drive relying on friction between the drive drum and the belt. A true axis modular belt bend is driven by toothed sprockets, so does not suffer from this problem and will therefore take heavier loads.
  • The traditional pu belt bend is more expensive than a true axis modular belt bend
  • The traditional pu belt bend is normally sold with a 12 month warranty. The true axis modular belt bend comes with a 24 month warranty.

What's the best way to get my Products Round Corners?

Are you having problems laying out your production line due to machinery or a building structure you can not move. Then why not consider changing the flow by adding a curved bend to avoid the obstruction and not compromise your production process. Contact us for impartial advice as to a solution.

This is a plastic linking belt which easily accommodated curves for more general info on this style of belting please read on >>

Other Circular Options we offer:

Flat Belt Bends

Flat Curved Belt Conveyors Photo

Only available to a few UK Conveyor Manufacturers. C-Trak can offer our customers a wide range of flat belt bends from 90 to 180 degrees.

Used in most industries for many applications including the food, pharmaceutical and personal care sector when using the correct belting and fabricated in food grade stainless steel.

Slat Band Bends

Conveyor Slat Bend Transporting Bottles Image

This traditional style of belting can create 90 degree bends for more details on our general follow the link slat conveyors >>

Wire Belt Bends

Wire Belt Conveyor

For more information on this type of belt please go to our dedicated page on wire belts by clicking on the photo above.

Skate Wheel Bends

Skate wheel

Curved Roller & Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Cost effective Gravity Roller Bend Radius offered in Stainless, Mild Steel or Aluminium.  Ideal for boxed flat based products on production lines. Corners can be achieved with either powered or gravity rollers.

Flexible Radius Bend Conveyors.....
for achieving difficult conveying angles

......and integration of your existing machines & conveyors

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