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Last Updated: July 7, 2020
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Cantilever Belt Conveyor

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One side supports for Conveyors

Cantilever Conveyor with Drip Tray Removal

Any application may need to have easy access under the conveyor the photo above shows a conveyor with a drip tray that needs to be removed and cleaned at the end of the day. a Recess area has been left to allow the drip tray to be fed in and out.

Cantilever Conveyor

Cantilever Conveyor with a built in tray this was for a company sandwhich line.









What is a Cantilever Conveyor Systems?

The best way to describe a cantilever conveyor to someone researching conveyors is to liken it to a cantilever umbrella for your patio. You want the cover but don't want the legs to get in your way.

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It is the same with a Cantilever Conveyor the support or legs are only on one side of the conveyor allowing easy access for removal of the belt or other reasons .

Why use this type of conveyor

The most common reason for using this type of conveyor is in food factories where they need to remove the belts regularly for cleaning. They can have additional quick release device added

Quick Release Belt Conveyor

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C-Trak Cantilever Conveyors

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