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Transfer Plates for Conveyors

Transfer Image of conveyors

Transfer Plates

Some applications of transferring products from one line to another can simply be sorted by using transfer plates or angles.

modular belt transfer conveyor

90 Degree Transfer Conveyors

This application uses a automatic sensor and pushes the product from one modular belt line to another achieving a 90°angle.

Belt Transfer System image

Conveyor to Conveyor Transfer

close transfers using small rollers on the belt.

Side face grip conveyor

Grip Face Side Belt

Automated grip belts can be used to transfer products often used when labeling and coding.

Pallet Transfer Conveyors

Roller Transfer Conveyors

Pallet Turner

Pallet Turners

Right Angle Transfer Conveyor

Right Angle Transfer

Rotary Table Transfers

Rotary Table

Transfers discharging and loading to and from conveyors for more information and video please click on our Turntable & Lazy Susan applications


Last Updated: January 14, 2020
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Close Transfer Devices & Grip Side Belt Conveyors

C-Trak can offer a range of conveyor transfers supplied with exceptionally close transfer from conveyor to conveyor applications or conveyor to your existing machinery.

Each of our systems will be custom made to suit your product range.

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Tel: 01525 850316

Belts can be fitted with 50mm dia rollers which are fixed in position ensuring the closest transfer. We also offer knife end belt conveyor transfers.

How to Transfer products from Conveyor to Conveyor

90 Degree Conveyors Transfers fabricated in the UK

Take a look at the video below to give you an ideas for your applications.

Many 90° Degree transfers especially belt to belt will use a turn post to guide the product around the angle with ease. In the above video you can see this application on many of our designs. The cheapest solution is to lower one of the conveyors to the products simply drop onto the conveyor below. Automated pushers can also be incorporated on sensors to move the products from one conveying system to another. And lastly you can use rotary tables load and unload.

Turn Post Transfers for Smooth Transferal of Products

One of the easiest ways to transfer products from one conveyor to another is using turnpost the video above shows just a sample of some of the systems C-Trak have designed and fabricated.

Side Grip Belt Gap Transfer - Conveyor to another

We are often asked for side belt conveyors to aid transfer from one conveyor to another where there is a gap between the conveyors this is easliyl done by using a side grip belt. Below is a video for a confectionery company needing to aligned their boxed cough sweets for the next process.

Food quality Slat Transfers

Close transfer device

This application is stainless steel fabrication . A series of 12mm dia wheels are set within a radiused profile, these units can be ganged together to almost any length and width to suit your application.

Chain cross transfer conveyor

Chain Cross Conveyor

Transferring products at 90° and can be auto sensed acting as reject system or feeding your existing machines

Food quality transfer plates

Transfer Plate Image Conveyor Transfer Plate

Image shows a dead plate fabricated in S/S which is adjustable in and out and around a fixed pivot point ensuring no finger nip points. Transfer plates allow product to slide or be pushed onto next production process.

Food quality pusher transfers

Again in stainless offering live feed 90° conveyor transfer device. Product drives in to the pusher area, it is then sensed and the air cylinder then pushes the product at 90° to the normal flow.


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