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Last Updated: November 15, 2013

Modular Belt Conveyors FAQ

Q. Do modular belts need to be tracked?
A. No modular belts do not need to be tracked.

Q. Can I transport raw food on a modular belt conveyor?
A. Yes in fact there are very few products that can not be transported on a modular belt conveyor. Selection of the belt material is vital to ensure the correct handling of a product.

Q. Can I accumulate on a modular belt conveyor?
A. Yes there are many different types of material available from very low friction to extremely high grip. Once again it is vital to select the correct belt for your product.

Q. Can I run a modular belt conveyor at any speed?
A. Within reason the typical ends of the spectrum are 1metres per minute up to 100metres per min, it will however depend on the product being handled.

Q. What widths of belt can I have?
A. Any width at all, our standard range starts at 100mm wide and goes up to 800mm wide, but any width can be made. We have supplied a customer with a 2metre wide conveyor.

Q. Can I vary the speed of a modular belt conveyor?
A. Yes you can, by either adding an invertor which gives you a speed control varied by means of a dial the speed is increased by increasing the cylces electronically or by fitting a mechanical variator which is varied by turning a hand wheel on the gearbox.

Q. What angle can I run a modular belt conveyor at?
A. This depends on the product but it is possible to incline up at an angle of 45 degrees without the need for flights but the belt would need the rubber inserts fitted for up to 45 degrees. Any angle above 45 degree would need flights fitted.

Q. Can modular belt conveyors be made to a food quality standard?
A. Yes in fact the vast majority of the conveyors that we supply are food quality.

Q. Is it easy to replace a modular belt?
A. Yes, very easy. A new belt can be fitted in minutes .

Q. Can I get close transfers from one conveyor to another?
A. Yes, you can. We use 50mm dia end drums which are fixed. The tensioning of the belt is done in the middle of our conveyors or we rely on catenary sag, thereby ensuring that the length of the conveyor remains the same no mater how much the belt stretches.

Q. Do modular belts stretch?
A. Yes after an initial bedding in period the belt will need to be re tensioned. It is quite possible that a belt could stretch 10% of its original length once again this will depend on the product being handled.

Q. Can I get a closer transfer than the two 50mm end drums previously mentioned?
A. Yes you can, we can supply a belt that will travel around a 20mm dia fixed nose.

Q. Can I fit flights to a modular belt to elevate a product?
A. Yes you can. The flights can be as small as 20mm or as tall as 150mm, they can be pitched at any distance in multiples of the belt pitch.

Q. Can I have side walls fitted to the belt?
A. Yes you can they start at 40mm high.

Q. Can a modular belt travel around corner bends?
A. Yes they can, the general rule is that the belt can turn around an inner radius of 2 x the belt width.

Q. Can I still elevate with a modular belt that travels around corners?
A. Yes you can, although you can not fit flights to a radiused belt. It is possible to fit the rubber inserts.

Q. Is a modular belt flat on the top surface?
A. Well it can be, but it can also be supplied in various forms of open mesh, this makes it very easy to clean.

Q. Are modular belts more expensive than the traditional belts?
A. Initially they are by about 5 to 10% but the modular belt would expect to out last a traditional belt by 4 or 5 to 1. It is also easier to clean, easier to replace, you can just replace one link rather than the whole belt and there are no tracking problems.

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