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Last Updated: July 25, 2019


What is a Flighted Conveyor Belt and why do we use them?

Flights commonly know as cleats are permanently fixed to a flat or modular belt to prevent product fall back.

C-Trak offer a full range of belt conveyors with flights and side skirts to aid transportation at steeper / acute angles and prevent contamination and product fall back at faster speeds.

Photo on left shows a food quality conveyor fitted with conveyor flights to transport raw meat into a hopper. The cleats are hot vulcanized onto the belts on both cases.

Photo on right shows flighted belt conveyor handling flapjacks

elevator conveyors  white belt conveyor with flights


Belts with Corrugated Side Walls and Cleats what are they?

Again side skirts are fixed to contain the product within an area.

All of our food equipment is fabricated in stainless steel with food approved belting which can be fitted with or without side skirts. Inclines are available up to a max of 80 degrees.

side wall flighted conveyor with cleats  covered plastic belt with flights and cleats

Side Skirt Conveyor

Conveyor belts with side wall guides

The photo above shows a belt conveyor with side walls to prevent product spilling off the belt often used in bakeries and powdery products. It prevents belt clogging up with particles hence making cleaning much easier at the end of the day. Commonly known as Side Skirt

Options with Cleats we are able to offer our clients

Standard Supply

Supplied with under guards as standard. All components used comply with current FDA regulations.
Food Quality

Our Flighted Conveyors have high quality hold down bearings fitted at the angular break point, this ensures the smooth running of the chain and reduces the wear, these again are fitted as standard.


Often require when products are transported to other machinery or for mezzanine floor levels.

Incline flighted and side wall belt conveyor  incline belts with cleat flights

Photo on the left shows a hopper feeding an inclined conveyor with flights and side skirt to stop product fall back and spill. On the right is an angled modular belt with rubber grip flights ideal for products in boxes.

Made to Order Conveyors with permanent quality Cleats ..giving you the ultimate systems for your individual process handling


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