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Last Updated: October 24, 2018

What are the best Types of Conveyors for Food Handling


We are often asked what type of conveyor is best for food handling and how to choose them. Well in the first instance the fabrication should be an all stainless steel structure especial when handling loose raw products. However if the food products are in packaging you can cut cost by using a aluminium frame read more....

The next issue is the belting; which one should I use?

Food approved is a must the options are flat belt, modular belt or slatted belting but the choice maybe limited due to your product. C-Trak can visit your factory and give you a no obligation quote with impartial advice on what food belt conveyor is best for your individual products.

Spotlighting our hygiene premier range of automated food conveyors manufactured in our Bedfordshire factory in the UK.

Suitable for Cold Rooms, packaging lines tote systems and Freezer Handling with Micro bacteria resistant belting options available.

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Who are our customers?

Bakeries, Dairy, Farmers, Fisheries Slaughterhouses basically any processes that handle food products that need careful hygienic handling applications in Stainless Steel.

Chilled : Raw : Fresh : Frozen : Fruit & Veg : Confectionery : Bakery : Meat, Fish & Poultry : Halal


Food Services at your finger tips

We offer belt scrappers and internal spray system for easy belt cleaning within our range of equipment. All applications catered for within the food sector.

Belt scraper to clean conveyor belt how to clean a belt conveyor

All custom designed and fabricated in stainless steel with food approved belts our conveyor are accepted as being one of the most reliable and well built piece of equipment within our market sector.

Chilled and Frozen and Box Handling Conveying

Handling your products through freezers / chillers, ice cream factories, frozen dinners and pouches, meat & poultry industry, dairy & farming, ready meal lines. Suitable for cold rooms and bulk handing in farms.

food handling modular belt conveyor transporting packed pastry tea handling conveyors image

Photo on the left is for a well known pastry manufacture requiring a system to accommodate bends and then be transferred onto another modular belt you will also see this on the video above.

Photo on right is for a pre packed tea handling manufacture diverting full boxes on a modular belt conveyor to another process within the factory. This system was designed for a customer who required a number of functions to be repeated along the conveyor length.

Bakery & Cake Handling Systems for Bakeries

Offering complete automation for packaging, filling wrapping and labeling as well as high temperature applications for bakeries including cake, bread. dough and pastry products.

Modular Belt Cake conveyors Automated food conveyor system

Photo left shows ~ White modular belt food conveyors transporting cakes around a bend with side guides and rail.

Photo right ~ Automated food conveyors for transporting pastry for a bakery in Scotland. all stainless steel construction with food grade belting for a hygienic hose down facility.

Dairy Conveying ~ Handling cream, butter, cheese & milk bottles plastic and glass

Fresh Produce Equipment

Supplying hygienic systems for handling of delicate products typically punnet line, fruit & vegetable using our food belting. C-Trak also supply a range of sandwich conveyors with shelves.

Vegetable Conveyor handling raw food cellary Fruit Handling Systems

Fruit, Salad & Vegetable ~ For delicate handling and processing including grading, sizing, washing and separating with reject systems.

Packing stations and rotary tables can be provided for end of line picking packing assembly areas.

Halal Meat & Poultry Handling Food Grade Systems

C-Trak provide a range of raw and cooked meat handling systems including ready meals for the airline industry. EU / FDA Halal Conveyor Belt Compliant. Options include elevators with flights please go to our dedicated page on incline conveyors.

food elevator conveyors or raw meat transfer conveyor handling sausages

Left: shows raw meat being transported by a modular belt elevator fabricated in stainless steel. Allowing the system to be hosed down at the end of the day. For more details on our modular belt conveyors click here

Photo left shows part of a pre-packed range for a sausage manufacture. We also provide equipment for ready meal preparation for the airline industry. The video above shows a complete system showing reject system with bins and metal detectors. C-Trak can incorporate this machinery into our conveyors or we can source the equipment for you as a complete turnkey solution.

Our customer service team offer a technical help line to successfully manage your project from start to finish.

Why come to C-Trak

Recognized as a market leaders and have been designing and fabricating food conveyors for over 35 years. Offering a service with experienced engineers who have a wealth of knowledge which can only be built up over time.

  • Bespoke to suit your products
  • On time delivery
  • Quality build using food compliant materials.
  • Installed with the minimum production disruption at your convenience
  • Project Managed from start to finish
  • Hose down facility at end of day
  • Full guarantee for peace of mind
  • We focus on our customers and their needs.

Hoppers and chutes are made to order for transporting your ingredients for bulk handling including frozen foods.

  • Slat Band
  • Modular Belting
  • PU Rubber belts
  • Stainless Steel Roller Systems
  • Elevators and Inclines
  • Sorting Tables and Reject Systems
  • Rollers gravity and powered options.

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