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Last Updated: February 19, 2020
Gateway opening solutions
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Hinged Access Gate

Showing products on hinged conveyor system to give access to pedestrians going through a hatch in the wall.

hinged conveyor access

View the other side of the wall showing conveyor access gate open for pedestrians to gain access to the other side of the factory.

This video is a modular belt manually hinged conveyor that can be manually opened and closed or left open by using a special designed bracket.

Conveyor going through hole opening in wall.

Conveyor Access Gate - Hinge opening

In a busy factory it is sometime necessary to have opening pedestrian walk through conveyor access; in such cases a simple solution is a hinged conveyor gate way which is safe & easily accessible. The can be manual or automatic.

Tel: 01525 850316

Video of conveyor gateway openings and hinged belts


  • Available in Stainless Steel or Painted Mild Steel
  • Modular Belt or Flat belts

padestrian gateway conveyor Access Gate on factory floor

Health and Safety Fire Exits with lift up gate section

Above is a line that was put in for a company that needed an emergency exit for the factory floor to evacuate quickly and easily without being hindered by the conveyors on the floor. A modular belt hinged gate was configured into the long run enabling access at the quick flick of a switch.

Other Options

C-Trak are able to offer roller gate solutions to compliment your gravity and powered roller equipment.

If your not looking for a opening gateways you maybe interested in some of our similar equipment listed below;

Occasional use conveyors - Which can be stored away when not required please visit our page on portable flexy conveyors >>

Flexible Conveyors

The photos to the left shows all stainless steel construction - Designed to allow pedestrian access by means of lifting part of the conveyor section through a pivot point, the lift is assisted by means of a gas strut.


There is no need for the belt to be re-tensioned before or after use.


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