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Last Updated: October 24, 2018


What are Lineshaft Rollers?

These rollers are driven with plastic spools with elastic bands. These bands can be twisted in the opposite direction to reverse the rotation of the roller and therefore creating a product hold station.

line shaft conveyor  line shaft conveyor image showing the bands

What other Types of Roller Conveyors are there?

Lineshaft Rollers are quite different from Chain Driven & Gravity fed if you are looking for these please visit our dedicated pages click on image

Gravity Rollers   Chain Driven Rollers

Read more about Gravity Rollers...         What is a Chain Driven Roller..

C-Trak supply an extensive range of plastic or stainless steel powered roller systems that have been developed to give optimum performance and durability.

We can offer a FREE review of your production process to achieve the best solution for your products.

More about our line shaft food quality close pitch Rollers

Our Line Shaft Rollers are suitable for the food sector as they can be fabricated in stainless steel.

Standard range

Comprises of a 50mm dia roller set at a 80mm pitch. From 200 to 800mm face width rollers in 50mm increments. We offer bend and merge units chain cross transfers and access gates all from our standard range.


Advantages of Line Shaft Rollers

  • Price
  • Easily accommodate bends and curves
  • Ideal for workstaions
  • Stops can be fitted inbetween rollers
  • Safe for operators due to zero pressure
  • Low maintenance
  • Direct drive
  • Quick Retro fit
  • Versatile

Disadvantage of lineshaft

  • Bands will eventually stretch and stop driving
  • When bands do stretch the are difficult to replace
  • multipul moving components to maintain
  • Only accommodates flat bottomed products
  • Lineshaft is not suitable for wet area's

Another roller range available is our flexible expanders offered in powered roller, gravity roller and skate wheel options. For more information on this product please go to our dedicated page on conveyor flexibility

Flexible Expander Conveying



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