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Luffing Conveyors

Luffing Conveyors that go up and down

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Luffing Conveying






Last Updated: 09-Jul-2020


Conveyors that go up and down UK Manufactured

C-Trak luffing conveyors perfect for moving products from one level to another.

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Luffing Conveyors basically have the ability go up and down to help move products to be sorted to multiple conveyors at different height levels by lifting or lowering the conveyor.

This project is handling raw food products and is fabricated in Stainless Steel with blue food safety approved belting. There were several conveyors being lifted and lowered for rejects and re-routing product with an effective system which takes up a smaller foot print than long lanes of conveying making this a cost effective.

Let us help find the right conveyor belts for your products call us now for tips on buying just click on the link below if your on a mobile.

Pastry Handling Equipment using Luffing Conveying


Our luffing range are available in stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum or Rollers to suits your product application and budget.


C-Trak supplies a standard range of belt conveyors for larger applications with low maintenance suitable for the food, pharmaceutical as well as industrial environments read more >>

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