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Last Updated: 6-jun-18

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Dog food Metal Detector

conveying metal detection unit

Two Tier Metal Detector Conveyors

metal detection conveyor

Ideal for pre-packed ready meals for airlines

Improving Production Flow with Metal Detection intergrated Conveyors

C-Trak design the conveyors and frames to accept metal detector units on all types of belting.

It makes sense that you need to illuminate metal contaminated products and reject them from your production line without slowing the process down.

We are here to help with your application covering the basics for your requirements.

OPTIONS... Lets make life easier with our flexibility to our customers

C-Trak are happy to supply the detection units or you can purchase them direct and we will fit to our conveyors.

Widths and lengths to suit all application and any style of detection unit can be custom built to accept your products.

Available in Stainless Steel or Mild Steel

We offer belt scrapers and water jet intergation.

YouTube Video Clip Metal Detecting with Conveyors

Why Choose Us

  • Flexibility designed for your products
  • Competent company that guarantees its products
  • Choice of controls and rejection method
  • Delivered on time with full after sale service
  • Easy to operate


C-Trak Projects using Metal Detection Units

The video above show a modular belt conveyor with a metal detection unit with automatic alarm and stop when contaminated objects are scanned on hospital tray.

Food quality

Our custom designed systems are suitable for the food, drinks & pharmaceutical plants read more about our turnkey solutions now...

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