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Modular Belt Conveyors

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Last Updated: August 1, 2019
Mat Top Chain Belting at C-Trak


35 Year in the Business

Modular belt conveyor


Modular Plastic Belt Chains can be used on inclines with special grip flights.

Modular belt elevator with a cover to protect the product

Plastic Flights preventing products fall back complete with encased plastic perspex cover for ultimate hygiene within the food and pharmaceutical sector.

White plastic modular belt


Food Handling made easy with our chain mod belt bends ideal for end of day wash down.

Raw meat conveyor handling

Raw meat handling supplied with elevating fixed flights with food grade materials to comply with hygiene legislation.


Vegetable Conveyor

Vegetable handling with built in flights for steep inclined solution.

Plastic Belted Conveyor System


Multi lane systems with blue intralox belting


Plastic Modular Belting with Mat Top Chain

What are Modular Belt Conveyors? - Interlinking plastic modules in a similar pattern to bricklaying. Creating ultimate strength with very low friction; making it a very desirable belt which is a great alternative to flat belting.

can be used on a variety of applications including flat running, bends & elevated options with flights.


  • Replacement links are easy to replace without having to change the complete belt.
  • Extremely versatile
  • Food and Pharmaceutical approved
  • Withstand high and low temperatures -60°C to 170°C
  • No tracking issues
  • Easy to Clean
  • Accommodates bends and inclines with ease
  • Quite running
  • Wet environments

Video clips showing our Modular Belting Systems

Which one is best Modular Chain or Standard Belts

Another great advantage of modular belt conveyors is easy maintenance and repair.

The belts are made in integral sections connected with linking pins so rather than replacing the complete belt a small section can be removed and replaced a bit like lego.

When a flat belt is damaged if unable to repair by vulcanizing it would need to be replaced completely.

Modular Belt Bends vs traditional belt for more information click on the photo below.

Modular belt bends

New Generation of Modular True Axis Bends at C-Trak Ltd

Special Design on a Modular Belt Conveyor with built in cleaning brush

Photo of Matt Top Belting with integral cleaning brush

This image is a recently designed system supplied with a built in integral brush constantly cleaning the belting whilst running. Another inspirational concept from our designers.

Quiet running radiused linked ideal for bends

Modular plastic belt conveyors are quiet in operation and can be inclined with the addition of food quality rubber inserts. They are also able to travel around bends at any angle required.

Multi width Options

Supplied in Widths from 50mm up to 3m wide. Lengths from 400mm up to 30m on one drive.

Chains can be straight running or radiused. Options include very close transfers, rubber pads for extra grip, forward and reverse direction.

Food quality approved

Mat Top Belt Conveyors - Selected to suit the products being handled and the environment in which the product will need to be conveyed. Almost any product can be handled at low or high temperatures, wet or dry conditions. Our experienced engineers can offer advice and solutions for your material handling. View our food conveyor videos and more technical information discover more about C-Trak food handling >>

Modular Belt Bend Conveying


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