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Last Updated: March 20, 2017


Incline Conveyors for elevating products

There are many types of elevator conveyors to choose from so let us help you choose the correct solution for your products.

C-Trak offer a range of elevator solutions that will accommodate inclines with ease. Designed around your products and industry sector.

If you are looking for an application with flights then please go to our dedicated page by clicking here >>

Manufacturing Material Options

We are able to offer a variety of materials for the fabrication of the frame work of our elevator systems to suit your environment. As well as a choice of belting.


Stainless Steel - predominately used in the food and pharmaceutical sector were hygiene is imperative read more...

Mild Steel - Often used in the more industrial sector for medium to heavy duty applications read more...

Aluminium - A new range offered at C-Trak for our budget range ideal for medium to light weight products read more on our Aluminium Options

Grip Faced Belts

Self Gripping Belt grooved grip belt sticky belt elevator

Self gripping belts can be used for light weight products accommodating inclines with no slip back without needing the use of additional flights. to the left is a black grip belt. Centre a grooved shape belt allowing products to get a good grip and to the right is a white food grade sticky belt.

Traditional Belt Conveyors

Belts can be fitted with or without side skirts. Angled inclines available up to 80 degrees. Widths from 100mm up to 1m. Lengths from 1m up to 12m on one drive. Options include infeed hoppers and chutes. Our elevator conveyors can also be mobile by adding locking caster wheel.

sidewall belt conveyor with flights

For full details on our flighted belt range go to our dedicated page on flight options

Modular belts for steep inclines

inclined elevator conveyors in modular belt

Modular belts are available with or without flights, they can be fitted with rubber inserts. Supplied for high or very low temperatures. Typical applications include.

  • Raw food; meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit and salad
  • Loose products beans, granules etc
  • Bakeries handling bread, pastry, dough, pizzas
  • Bottling and canning
  • General packaging

Guarding & bearings approved for the food industry

All of C-Trak incline elevator conveyors are fitted with underguards as standard. Top covers can be fitted as an optional extra.

modular belt with flights on steep incline Food Elevator Conveyors

Components used comply with current FDA regulations. High quality hold down bearings are fitted to the conveyors at the Angular break point, this ensures the smooth running of the chain and reduces the wear on the chain, these are fitted a standard.

Modular Belt Conveyor for Systems

Plastic belt conveyors will often be incorporated into a complete conveyor handling system as it is easy to extend and change the belt to an exact size for handling products from one level to another or join processes together.

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