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Last Updated: June 8, 2017
C-Trak Pallet Handling Solutions


What types of Pallet Conveyor are there?

Let us help you find the solution to your product handling we offer site visits to establish the best application for you.

Chain Pallet in-line lift conveying

Chain Pallet Lift with Sensors

This application was to lift and lower the pallets using a sensor.

wood pallet handling

Chain Driven application transporting empty and full pallets on a farm loading vegetables from the fields.

Pallet handling rollers image

Conveyors to carry Pallets

Pallet Handling Conveyor

Chain Driven Roller

pallets on a farming conveyor

Pallet 90 degree turn

This application offers a 360 degree turn system allowing goods to be transferred to different loading areas.

Alternatively you can use a pallet turntable

Palletized Conveyor Systems

C-Trak design and fabricate custom build pallet conveyors. Combining expertise and quality build our systems have a reputation of being hardwearing and dependable.

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When are Pallet Conveyors used?

Generally used for heavy duty goods with flat bottomed products. That does not mean to say that irregular shaped products can not be used but you will need an experience conveyor company to assist with the correct selection of conveyor for you.

Frequently used on industrial plants or for the food industry such as vegetable and fruit farms.

Chain Driven Pallet Conveyor & Powered Roller Video

Custom Built Pallet Lift with Sensors

Bespoke In-floor Lift Pallet Mover to enable pallets to be handled at different levels using hydraulics.

What we offer with our Pallet Handlers

Lengths up to 20 metres and widths up to 1.5 metres on a single drive unit.

Pitch's available;

  • 5/8”
  • 3/4”
  • 1”

Chain roller dia 80mm - 120mm pitched this is dictated by the product size.

Chain cross transfer and turntables can also be supplied.

fabricated in Stainless Steel, Painted Mild Steel or Aluminium dependant on your product, machinery and environment.

All types of conveyors are used within a warehouses and factories but pallet conveyors tend to be the ones that are heavily used and tested to the limit with misuse so they need to be robust to withstand all types of handling.

How will using a pallet conveyor help you

  • Reduce downtime as the system will constantly feed your products to your machinery.
  • Reduce the need to use fork lift truck this speeding up the production line.
  • Low maintenance
  • Cuts cost of manual labour therefore saving money.

Our Pallet conveyors will stand the test of time and give you years of hassle free conveying offered with a full warrantee

Now offer robotic palletizing read on

If you would like one of our Sale Engineers to come to your premises to help with a conveyor solution for you at your convenience then please call 01525 850316 now to arrange a time.

C-Trak have been designing and fabricating conveying systems for over 35 years and offer a friendly customer service and can project manage your application from start to finnish with as little disruption to your production area.

Supplying one off stand alone units to a multi functional systems. Our aim is to offer our customers the simplest solutions and keep costs down to budget without loosing quality.

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Custom made Pallet Conveyors

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