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Last Updated October 24, 2018

What Types of Conveyors are there to choose


I need help to establish what type of material handling equipment I require.

If your confused C-Trak are here to help you just call us to put you on the right track.

How to choose a conveyor for your Products?

Not sure what types of conveyors are on the market? Don't worry if you cant find the one that suits your products C-Trak can arrange a site visit to assess your requirements and find the perfect solution. Or talk to one of our experienced technical engineers for impartial advice.

Click on the Typical Material Options below

Stainless Steel Conveyor Button        Mild Steel Conveying         Aluminium Conveying

Spotlighting the Types of Belting we offer......

Belt Conveyors Slat Band Pallet Handling Conveying

SPACERBelts PVC/PUSPACERSlat Band SPACERPower/Gravity / Roller

Modular Belting Pallet Handling Systems Wired Belt

SPACERPlastic Modular Belting SPACEPallet Handling GAPWire Belting   

Featured Product Design Options Bespoke to order

Belt Bend Conveying Transfer Conveyoring Tiered Conveyors Food Handling

                     Bends                           Product Transfer                        Multi - Tiered                       Food Handling

side faced conveyor Inclines Complete Conveying Systems Bottling Solutions

           Side Grip Face                             Inclines                           Complete Systems                  Bottling Solutions

Pick and Packing Stations Divertor, Merge and converger application Flexible Conveyor Rotary Packing Tables

    Pick & Pack Assy Line                  Divert & Merge                       Flexible & Mobile                    Rotary Tables

The world of conveying has changed dramatically over the last few decades with new technology and development increasing year on year. C-Trak offer our customers quality products with the best cost effective solutions for our clients.

What is best for your products

It can be a bit of a minefield trying to access genuine information about material handling machinery so we offer our years of expertise to try and alleviate the confusion around conveying.

In short the material used to manufactured the main structure can be either stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum the choice is usually made by the industry sector or product being transported.

Stainless tend to be the food and pharmaceutical industries whilst mild steel a more robust industrial type environment. Aluminium is a lower cost option but does not have the robust structure that the other two material have.

We then move onto the type of flat belting again this is dependant on your product and industry. There are too many but the most common types are


These types of belting can be used on inclines by attaching flights along the length which will stop product fall back.

We then move onto different belt options which include modular belting which is a bit like plastic lego pieces all slotting together great for the food industry and easy to repair small defective sections.

Another type is slat band which is plastic slats great for achieving tight bends.

Wire belt tend to be used in the bakery sector including industries that use oven within the process.

And the most common roller conveying which can be gravity or manually fed which is the cheapest option or it can be powered in line shaft or chain.


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