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Last Updated: March 4, 2020
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Trough Belt Conveyor for the Food Sector

Trough Belt Conveyor

Industrial Trough Belt

Farming Conveyor

Portable Trough System

Heavy duty trough belt conveyor image

Cargo handling conveyor

Special Design Trough Belt

Trough Belt Conveyor System



Food handling on C-Trak Troughed Conveyor System

C-Trak offer a wide range of Trough Conveyors from robust industrial farming applications to the more sterile environment for the food sector.

What is a Trough Belt?

It is simply a conveyor that forms a trough shape where the sides are angles to carry loose bulk products. The Belt is run over ider rollers.

Trough Conveyor Fabrication

Fabricated Stainless Steel Frame

The project below is for a customer who has loose product being transferred from one trough conveyor to another using a simple drop solution. The product is food but for the purpose of the video trials we used packing foam.

Modular Designed Conveyors for easy maintenance

The video below was a custom build designed solution for handling food products on a conveyor system mounted on a high raised frame.

To enable easy access and maintenance the conveyors were all modular based in small sections so one conveyor could be removed / cleaned or maintained without having to dismantle the complete system.

C-Trak Video of the Modules in place

All Stainless Steel construction with food quality belts were used throughout the project.

This style of conveyor makes installation easy due to the design element. If you require C-Trak to custom build a conveyor for your products please do not hesitate to call.

Why C-Trak Conveyors

All our conveyors are designed in house and come with a full warrantee. We have a customer service we are proud of and have many repeat customers who are happy to recommend us.


Our Conveyors are built to last and designed with your products in mind we serve our customers well and will offer impartial advice on the best application for your material handling.

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