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Last Updated: January 24, 2018
Lazy Susan Photos

Sorting Rotary Table

stainless steel rotating table with infeed conveyor

Sortation Tables & Lazy Susan Sorters

Accumulation Table Image

turn table

Pallet Rotary Tables

lazy susan with sorting options

rotary table

food quality table

s/s lazy susan with side table

discharging rotating table


Loading & Discharge Rotary Tables - Unscramling products

Why not compliment your end of line conveyor with one of our Inline Rotary Turntables often refered to as lazy susans.

Sort your Products with.....
.....C-Trak Unscrambler Tables

Lazy Susan ~ Loading Rotary Table Video

All stainless steel construction compatible with the food industry. C-Trak table top diameters are available in 900mm - 1000mm - 1200mm - 1500mm from 10 gauge stainless steel. Sides are supplied diamond creased for strength and looks. Frame work fabricated in stainless steel box section, fitted with adjustable feet. Our Rotary tables are a quality product that can enhance any production line saving on human labour and therefore costs.


Guide rails are fitted on the outside diameter as standard. Options include a deflector arm or our overhead discharge deflector arms.

Rotary / Lazy Suzan Table speeds

All of our rotary tables are fitted with a fixed speed 4.7 r.p.m gearbox as standard, this unit is affixed directly to the table top therefore transmitting a direct drive. Special speeds can be offered at no extra cost.

Table tops

Our table tops run true to 1.5mm in deflection. This therefore ensures a very close transfer from or to the feeding conveyor.

Rotary Table controls

All of C-Trak rotary tables come supplied with a stop start button as standard. The turntables can be fitted with a variable speed inverter and can be made mobile if required by adding casters both as an optional extra.

C-Trak can incorporate our rotary turntable into your existing conveyor production line if you would like a site visit please contact the office.

Discharge Rotary Table / Accumulation Table

Large Rotary Table for manual unloading  C-Trak Rotary Table image

Rotary Tables enable the collation & accumulation of your products from production lines and packing areas. Making sure your pickers and packers are not starved of products. Ideal for areas that are not large enough or unavailable for an automated system.

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C-Trak Rotary Tables

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