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Slatted Systems

Plastic Slat Band Conveyor image

Slat Band Conveyor that accommodates bends and loops with ease giving total flexibility on your shop floor.

metal slats

Optional Metal chain slats to suit your industry application.

Drinks Handling System





Last Updated: January 23, 2020


What is a Slat Chain Conveyor and when do I use this type of Belt?

For those that are new to conveying.... Slat Conveyors have the visual appearance similar to milatary tank caterpillar tracks with flat slats which are joined with a hinge but that is where the simalarity it ends.

What is a slat conveyor?  Metal Salt Band Chain

They are in fact endless chains with flat slats which can be either plastic or stainless steel this creates a table platform to convey products.

Slats are ideal for corners with tight radius bends and loops which is why they are a great solutions for accumulation and sorting especially in the material handling of bottles, glass and jars side guides can be added to keep you products on the conveyor line bespoke with your products in mind.

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.....Plastic Slat Band Chain Conveyor
with C-Trak Custom Built Options.....

Slats can be Metal or Plastic Slat Dependant on you products and environment.

C-Trak are proud to be industrial leaders for design and fabrication of slat conveying solutions....Let us help you select the most suitable slats for your individual products with our plastic or stainless steel chain slats.

100% Customer Satisfaction from Leading Conveyor Experts


What we offer our customers

Low cost easy maintenance bespoke slat conveying systems offering impartial advice and technical support for your product handling. Established over 35 years with experience to match. We offer stand alone piece of kit or we can incorporate into your existing systems.


It's what we do...

Our sales team are knowledgeable but will not try to force a sale we want you to feel so impressed with us your confident to place the order.

Designed & Fabricate in house supplying top quality slat chain conveyor with a choice of frame manufactured in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminium.

Packing Slat Conveyor with side table metal slat conveying

On the left: is a typical system designed and fabricated in-house for a company that does manual packing and required removable side packaging benches on the outer edges of the conveyor allowing staff to rest the packing boxes whilst filling with product. All stainless steel with food approved slats for ultimate hygiene.

On the right: Mild steel painted twin lane system.

Options and Benefits Available for our conveying slats

  • Slats can be elevated with rubber inserts allowing inclined up to 45°
  • Ideal for the dairy environment as complies to health and safety requirements and able to withstand regular wash down.
  • Accommodate bends with ease at various widths.
  • Our Slat Chain Conveyors offered with Fixed or variable speeds options
  • Plastic chains are used for the food environments
  • Stainless steel chains can be offered for glass handling or very abrasive products.
  • High speed are easily achieved with slat conveyor systems
  • Diversion and reject options are available
  • Metal Slats are available on request for bespoke solutions
  • Low noise

slat conveyor in stainless steel slat conveyor with end transfer

Built in transfer plate for easy use ~ End of line mini roller for loading

Mini Slat Conveyor Bottle handling slat conveyor

C-Trak Case Study for a Slatted Whiskey Bottling Manufacturer

This application was for a Scottish and Irish whisky manufacturer that required a system handling various sized packaged bottles which meant side guides needed to be adjustable to suit each product dimensions. It was a very tight turnaround project which included transfer crossover from one conveying line to another with specific flow changes.

Whisky Conveyor Line metal slat conveyor

Our client was delighted with our products and has since ordered another complete production line with us.

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