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Last Updated: August 17, 2017


Do I really need to use Stainless Steel for my Conveyors?

No it is not essential to use stainless as an alternative you can use Mild Steel or Aluminium which we can offer however you have to consider your application and the value of using stainless steel against other materials. Let us help you make that decision.

What are the Advantages of Conveying with framed Stainless?

  • Approved for food, pharmaceutical & Personal Care industries
  • Will tolerate daily jet spray and is highly durable
  • Hygienic properties with resistance to chemical damage
  • Will tolerate heat and low temperatures
  • Resistant to corrosion extending its life span and appearance
  • High strength and easy to maintain

C-Trak Made to Measure Video selection for Stainless Conveyor Solutions

All you need to know about Stainless Steel Conveyors

Our easy to clean stainless steel conveyor options with a choice of belting to suit your specific needs. Ideal for food & pharmaceutical industry within the health care sector.


......Stainless Profile when Hygiene Matters
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What options are available?

  • Inclines with the addition of flights if needed
  • Close transfers
  • fixed or variable speeds
  • reversible
  • made mobile with breaks on casters
  • multi tiered
  • side grip belts
  • diverters
  • control panels

Looking for a company that wont let you down?

"We offer a no risk buy as we offer a full 24mth warrantee and have a customer service we are proud of."

When issues arise it is how you deal with them that separates a good company to those that run away from the problem. We promise to serve as we value our customers.

Easily Handles Raw and Packaged Food

Raw meat conveyor with blue food belt and stainless fabrication Lazy Susans for meat

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Conveyors :: Personal Care Options

personal care conveyors Bottle handling conveyor image pharmaceutical conveyor fabricated in stainless steel

Photo's of Pharmaceutical application designed & fabricated in-house.

C-Trak offers stainless steel conveying solutions to transport medical equipment such as blister packs, powders. pellet, granules, liquids or capsules that need to be handled between production process such as capping, filling and packaging.

Personal Care & Pharmaceutical Conveyors can be designed for the clean room environment where dust particles and contamination must be eliminated creating the antibacterial free zone.

Perspex covers can be purpose built to prevent contamination of your products whist being transported from process to process.

Clean room stainless steel conveyors Modular Belt Bend stainless steel conveyor

Photo on left shows Plastic Modular Belt Bend System carrying Jacobs Cream Crackers special christmas addition.

Food & Beverage Applications suitable for;

  • confectionery
  • beverage
  • cereals
  • fresh food
  • granules and powders
  • meat & poultry
  • seafood
  • fruit & vegetable
  • bakery
  • snacks

please go to our dedicated page on our food conveying for more information read more on all you need to know about food handling

S/S Rotary Table for end of line Conveyors

Our lazy susan's are also fabricated in s/s giving options of accumulation, discharge, end of line packing & mid production accumulators we also have video footage read more about our rotating tables

Stainless Steel Rotary Turntable sausage conveyor and rotary table fabricated in stainless steel

Photo on right shows a food quality blue belt conveyor feeding a rotary table for a packed sausages line using food grade belting throughout for ultimate hygiene.

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