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Side Grip Conveyor Belt

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Last Updated: February 28, 2019

Conveyors in Stock

C-Trak have a few conveyors which are kept in stock ready for delivery for an updated list please call the office.

Rotary Tables in Stock now 1000mm Dia

Rotary Table in Stock 1000mm Dia

If you looking for a In-stock rotary table / Lazy Susan we have limited availability in stock for you to take away today. Optional size

  • 800mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm

Aluminium Belt Conveyor

Aluminium Conveyors in Stock

Side Grip Belt

Conveyors in Stock


Parallel grippy belts are ideal for gap transfer when you need to get to the top or bottom of a product typically when coding/dating. The side belts grip the product firmly allowing easy access.

Ideal for bottles and cans.

1off side grip belt conveyor fabricated in stainless steel fitted with a griptop belt. End drums are 80mm dia and tensioning is done at the end of the conveyor.

The belt is adjustable from 875mm to 950mm high.

The system is free standing and takes up a gap of 300mm between the feed and conveyor.

Total length of the conveyor is 1 metre. The side belts will touch each other at minimum and expand to 190mm the adjustment can be done easily by hand.

It has a shaft mounted gerard motor at variable speed.

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