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Last Updated: September 11, 2019
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Food & Beverage


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Chemical & Pharmaceutical


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Pallet Handling & Robotics

Automated Conveyor Line Systems Designed in the UK

C-Trak can show you how to get the best out of your conveyor system with our premier solutions for handling problematic products.

Providing a full range of tailor made conveying systems for all industries.

Complete Food Handling Systems

Guiding you every step of the way with our experience engineers to help you transportation your food products using our comprehensive range food conveyor systems

Typical Applications from our Production Line

  1. Belt Conveyor Systems for handling pastry manufactured in stainless steel using food grade belting for complete hygiene.
  2. Application for handling food products by means of a mobile modular based assemble for more information please view our food quality conveyor systems here >>

Automated food conveyor systems custom designed modular system

Strapping Machines combined with C-Trak Conveyors

C-Trak can combine strapping machines into our conveyors making a complete bespoke conveying system. This video shows our latest strapping conveyor system which is a unique concept that can lower and higher the conveyor to adapt to the correct working height for the operators. In addition to this emergency stop are fitted to the custom made cage for health and safety.

Robust Chain Pallet Handling

This system is an In-line twin chain pallet conveyor used to transfer pallet loads of cement. For our general pallet handling please go to our dedicated Pallet Systems Page >>

pallet conveyor systme

Automation with our Modular Belts

This application was for a plastic belt conveyor system to collate and transfer tea cartons through various functions including sorting, gluing m/c, check weigh and metal detector operations. Providing sortation for your products handling. Follow the link for more information on product handling >

This application is a fabricated in stainless steel for a drinks manufacturer transporting packaged powdered product... loading sacks of powdered product up a modular belt conveyor with flights, turning on a modular belt bend and stopping on gravity roller track.

Cheese Enrober System

This was a design of a modular belt system integrated with a enrober waxing machine and a cooling tunnel. Cheese loaded onto a modular belt which leads to a enrober filled with melted wax the cheese is submerged under the wax and inclined on a wire belt to a modular belt which takes the partially waxed cheese through a cooling tunnel where it is turned over an re-run through the process.

modular belt conveyor systems

Conveyor Belt Bend System

This project used belt bends for moving products around 180 degree angles. This flat belt style is only supplied by specialist manufacturers.

To see our full range of bends including modular belting, flat belt, wire belt, roller and slat click on the image below.

belt bend conveyors

Custom Conveyors for Warehouse Systems

This conveyor system used a combination of belts, powered & gravity rollers to transport cardboard boxes around the warehouse cutting down the costs of labor and human error.

roller system

Powered Roller

We have a premium range of Powered Roller Systems. Offering light duty rollers to the more industrial heavy duty applications.

Pallet Conveyors are able to handle an assortment of products and run at high speeds. For more information on our powered rollers please go to our dedicated page here >>

Powered Roller System


Turnkey solutions of your Conveyor Systems made easy with are unique integration of other machinery for detailed information please visit t our page on turnkey systems

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