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Last Updated: October 8, 2018


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How to Integrate your machines with our Conveyors

Manufacturers of turn-key conveyor systems integrating multiple machines with ease tailor made for your system.

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What we offer our Customers with our Turnkey Systems

C-Trak offer 2 alternative solutions to ease your stress from start to finnish by either....

  • Incorporating your equipment into our conveyors allowing you to source you machinery at your leisure.
  • Alternatively C-Trak do the research for you finding the equipment you are looking for saving you time and taking an element stress away from you. We work closely with checkweigher, inkjet code handling, strapping, labelers, fillers & metal detection manufactures offering complete turnkey solution so it is all housed under one umbrella. We can adapt to suit your needs just ask.

Including robotics

Code Handling Conveyors

Product identification is paramount to packaging companies especially the food industry. So here at C-Trak we can assist with quality coding on almost any products, including those at high speed and acute angles. we present your products in a position to give ultimate coding quality.

Offering ultimate presentation to the printing heads to achieve the best results.

InkJet Conveyors for Product Coding Integrated

Most product marking is done with inkjet and we offer OEM equipment to enhance your conveying system. C-Track can incorporate your Inkjet Coding equipment alternatively we can source them for you and project manage the system for you from start to finish.

Labeling Conveyors with optional infeed & outfeed

This can be achieved with ease with our custom built conveyors to read more on our bottle labelers please click here

Labeling Conveyors

How to integrate a Labeling Machine into a conveyor:-

Our bespoke design team can easily incorporate your labeler into our equipment the photo above shows a sausage labeling machine with a custom made chain driven roller conveyor.

Strapping Machines and Conveying

This video shows strappex strapping machines integrated into our conveyor system it is a unique concept that higher and lowers the conveyor to suit the working height for individual operators. In addition to this emergency stop are fitted to the custom made cage for health and safety.

Metal Detection Conveyors integrated Equipment

Includes extensive range of conveyors with integrated metal detection units including automatic reject systems to read more about our projects follow the link metal detector conveyors...

Enrober and Cooling Tunnel Integration

This application was for melting wax in an Enrober and dipping cheese to cover one side then transporting on a modular belt through a cooling tunnel which then turns the cheese over so the process can be repeated to cover the entire cheese. This was a fully automated system designed by C-Trak Ltd.

Strapping Machine food handling with Infeed Conveyors

Fully automated feed and exit conveyors for applying strapping where the conveyors automatically stop and start for the strapping process can be used in a wet environment as the conveyors are stainless steel with modular plastic belting.

Strapping Machines

Checkweigher with Exit Conveyors

Let us design a system which will integrate your checkweigher. We can incorporate reject systems to eliminate contaminated products.

Filler machines feeding onto Slat Conveyor

Fillers are often used on our equipment and can be supplied by C-trak or issued to us to incorporate

Lazy Susan Turn Tables

Sortation tables can be incorporated to your end of line conveyors giving loading and discharge read more on our page lazy susan...

Rotary Table Sorting for end of line conveyor

Why Our Integrate Conveyors

Over the years we have built a large database of oem that provide equipment that compliment our conveyors enabling us to provide turnkey projects that will take all the pressure of souring additional machinery away from you. However if you have already purchased your inkjet's, laser or labeling equipment we are happy to take delivery and incorporate it into the conveying system.


We have been supplying custom built conveyors for over 3 decades and dedicated in offering a comprehensive service.

Our engineers have gained years of experience along the way enabling us to provide a system that is best suited to your products.

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