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Last Updated: April 10, 2017
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metal belt bend conveyor

Twin Level Conveying System with side trays for packers. Manf in Stainless Steel

Wire belt conveyor for food factory

Chain Belt Conveyor

wired belt conveyor

Oven Conveyor

Wired Conveyor Belts

C-Trak are able to assist you with your product handling. Supplying open mesh wire belting for a variety of applications.

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.....for high temp applications

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Open Mesh Metal Belt Conveyors

Stainless Steel is implemented where ever possible therefore complimenting industries including the food & pharmaceutical industry.

C-Trak Ltd use a wire belt which does not require joining tubes thus eliminates contamination and provides our customers with a hygienic solution for food handling.

Perfect for high or low temperature application such as, drying, cooling, draining, coating, battering and spraying, pizza baking & oven applications. More information on our general food conveyors read on....

Video's of wire belt Conveyor

This application shows a wire belt conveyor accepting pitta bread from an oven.

Metal Belting

Offering a snag free belt edge with quick and easy cleaning.

What we offer

Optional intergrated drip trays into your conveying system allowing removal trays of spillagethat can be emptied and cleaned with ease

Why C-Trak Conveyors

We offer a fully guaranteed service and have a broad knowledge within the conveyor industry. Designed in-house; with one of our dedicated designers.


Product has minimum contact with the belt, very easy to clean with hygienic properties. Handles temperatures up to 380° C

Enrober for Wax Melting

This application was to adapt a Enrober for a cheese company to enable a wax covering by dipping in melted wax on the wirebelt enrober.

Enrober Conveyor

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