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Last Updated: October 30, 2018
C-Trak Ltd Serpentine Systems for multiple handling
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food multi lane conveyor system

multi lane conveyor

modular belt conveyor system

Double Lane Conveyors


Multi Lane Conveyor Systems

High demand multiple lane conveyors built to your specification.

Double up your production........
......With C-Trak Dual Lane Systems

Twin Lane conveyor on bend

Tiered Conveyors - Double Height Application for 2016

Resent project handling bananas on a double tiered conveyor the top was a modular belt track handling the cardboard boxes and the lower tier for the pick and packers to bag at the packing stations and load onto the lower belt. They are all fed by some additional gravity roller.

double tier conveyors


two tier conveyor  modular belt multple lane conveyor

Triple Lane Conveying  twin belt conveyor

Automated Duel Lane Conveyor Systems

Our twin lane and multiple lane conveyors can be manufactured in stainless steel to comply with the hygiene standards required in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

twin lane conveyor converger slat twin lane conveyor

C-Trak Multi Lane Conveyor Video's

  Twin Lane Conveyor

Showing serpentine style conveyor enabling accumulation and sortation at the flick of a switch

What are the Conveyors Belts made of ?

The choice of belt will depend on your product size and weight our experience sales engineers and designers will offer you the best solution for your individual products whether it is a belt, slat or modular belt to ensure you have good product transfer handling

Why Choose us for your Conveyor System?

C-Trak have been in the business for 33 years and we know our stuff. Only years of experience can give you the assurance that you are going to get a quality product that will do the job it is suppose to do. Here at C-Trak we take pride in our work and produce quality products that will serve you well with as little maintenance as possible. Our after sales service is second to none and we are always here to help and the end on the telephone line.

Twin Lane Ball Table & Roller System

We can even supply you with a duel ball table with rollers to ease your production process.

twin lane ball table and rollers

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C-Trak Twin Lane Conveyors

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